My name is Marj. I am a wellness advocate, birth and postpartum
doula and yoga instructor. I live on the westside to Toronto and
service the GTA.

I had two amazing home births and birthed two beautiful children.Since about the age of 14 years old, I knew that if I had children I would have them at home.

I teach Bikram Hot Yoga, and practiced consistently throughout both pregnancies. I attribute my happy, healthy pregnancies in large part
to this method.

ina may www.marjwong.com

I am so fascinated with childbirth and everything that goes along with it. I had both my placentas encapsulated and documented the whole thing. Yep, I’m that person!  I was thrilled and very grateful to have met Ina May, the most amazing midwife and birth advocate of our time.

I specialize in yoga and birth and postpartum doula support. It is my vocation to help like-minded people find the resources, tools, skills, and support to prepare their minds and bodies for the grand magical adventure of labour and birth.

I offer consultations in Infant Potty Training and Elimination Communication. I started potty training my daughter at five and
a half months, and by eighteen months Gemma was fully trained, including night time.

“I believe that every birthing person is capable of birthing a baby, and that our bodies were designed for giving birth. It is truly one of the most empowering experiences a person can go through, and is a sacred piece in the puzzle of enlightenment. That is the ongoing, never-ending journey of parenthood.

Breathe it down, Mommas.”



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