Elimination Communication

Elimination Communication (also known as EC, infant potty training, natural infant hygiene, and diaper free) is the gentle, natural,
non-coercive process of learning your baby’s potty cues and timing
to help teach baby address his or her elimination needs.

This practice makes conventional potty training unnecessary.

I consult and help parents further communicate with their babies by learning and teaching communication signals to baby in order to assist with elimination.

Amazing, right?

For more information on the what’s, when’s and how’s, check out my blog post on Elimination Communication.

EC is a lifestyle that encourages natural toilet learning. EC is not about getting your child to use a potty as soon as possible (although earlier potty learning often occurs). EC doesn’t mean your child has to never use diapers. It simply means freedom from dependence on diapers.

For further information on how and when to start please feel free to contact me with any of your inquires.

I am happy to discuss your needs, map out a how-to plan or consult on any of these topics.

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