Immediate Initial Birth Support


Immediate Initial Support – In-home or in hospital


IMG_20170402_041056This service is for those who would like to labour and/or birth on their own. No birth support required, but would rather the support after baby is born. Those initial hours after baby’s birth are most important to get the best start and initiate bonding, skin-to-skin and feeding.


This 3hr in-home or hospital support is where I help parents learn to care for their newborn; what is normal, common and what to expect.

Having an overview of the first 24-48hrs and into the first week with baby can give you added confidence, comfort and alleviate many anxieties and concerns. I act as a touchstone for you to ask questions, voice any new parent jitters, gain ideas and/or perspective and how to navigate your baby’s arrival.

I am available thereafter, via phone, text or email for support; any questions that may come up or concerns as well an any other resources you may need.  I connect you with professionals local to you as needed for additional support that may be suitable to your needs.

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