Prenatal Yoga

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Yoga is designed to nurture the mind and challenge the body, while prenatal yoga inspires trust in your birthing journey. You will find a supportive, informative environment where you will feel empowered and strong. Prenatal yoga will prepare the body and mind for labour and beyond.

This prenatal yoga class is gentle yet invigorating! It will empower and strengthen the body and mind while connecting with baby to allow for a happy healthy labour. The dynamic movements of the prenatal yoga class allow for the connection and bond to deepen, be soothed and lulled while healing and maintaining a level of fitness that will help you during labour!

Whether you are new or an experienced yoga student, you will be guided through meditation, breath and movement. You will benefit from much needed relaxation, while staying strong and strengthening the muscles that support your baby during pregnancy and labour.

We will flow through a one hour sequence, unfolding in a natural rhythm that mirrors the stages and phases of labour. (early labour, active labour, transitioning/pushing and bliss) This class is not only a prenatal yoga class but offers tips on optimal birthing positions and has some general childbirth education information lightly sprinkled throughout.

All levels and stages of pregnancy welcome.

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