Grant & Laura

Laura found your presence alone to give the confidence she needed throughout the birth.
Your voice & encouragement were grounding. You were patient and able to attend to her needs
before she even knew she needed them.

Grant found the most useful parts to be the support, knowledge & composure Marj brought
to the whole experience. From the first two meetings to discussing the birth plan, postpartum and
pain management skills, to the actual birth & everything that came with it. She helped Grant remain calm,
confident & most of all, supported through it all – never felt alone with her there.

Thanks Marj, we love you!

Emily D.

“Thank you for all your support + kindness during Harvey’s birth.
We really enjoyed having you a part of our experience.”


“After booking meetings with four doulas! We liked you very much in our first meeting
because of the following:
·         You listened and cared for Cindy.
·         You were down to the point
·         You gave natural birth
·         You listen more than you talk
·         Answered all questions easily, and seriously
·         *** Understood pain management and have many techniques to help pain
After we discussed about who to choose, we could not ignore the fact that you could help Cindy with the pain.  With all your techniques, aroma, and massage it was very comforting to know. Other Doulas could not do this, or promise this.
I am just letting you know cause we like you very much and thought it would be nice to let you know how we selected you and your business. Thx!!!”

Elif K.

“Thank you Marj. I was so lucky to meet you in Toronto. I was so lucky to be with you in my birth. You are such a kind and generous person. 🙏🙏 I was so happy when you came to visit us to say good-bye.

I will keep in touch and I will remember you as an  angel in my life. I had a very positive birth story, Marj.
I am so glad and grateful to you for that. 
🙏🙏 Thank you for who you are. 🌼  I will give your contact details to friends for sure.  I love you so much❤

K. Kalia

“Thank you for coming and holding my hand throughout labour, it meant so much. Your presence helped me stay grounded and focused. Whatever essential oil you were wearing was the only thing that helped me focus on aside from my breath. It really helped me stay focused and in the moment.  The cues like relaxing my shoulders and pressure points we had discussed 2 weeks before the birth also helped me a lot. I really appreciate all of your support leading up to, during, and after the birth of our baby boy.

Amy M.

“I really enjoyed my experience with Marj both as a doula and as a yoga teacher.   She was so helpful with all of the physical needs around the baby and the house, and also allowed me to spend time with my older daughter by caring for the baby.   She provided emotional support, as well as educational support and ideas for how to cope with the addition to our family, nursing, doing research on daycares for my daughter,  I felt that I recovered much quicker and felt more well balanced with this birth as opposed to the birth of my first daughter because I had more support in the postpartum period”.

M. Xavier

“We found Marj to be very calm and empathetic. She gave us actionable advice that helped me cope
with the stress of going through labour and delivery for the first time. Looking back, I can’t imagine
what it would have been like to go through that experience without her support. I would highly
recommend Marj as a birth doula and for postpartum support”.

Laurie C.

“It was such a pleasure to have Marj present. She helped keep me centered
and focused on my breath, making the birth calm and peaceful!”

Samantha D.

“We are so thankful for all of your help with the very long long labour…
I couldn’t have gone through it without your help and support. 
We are also so happy you were able to snap some shots of that important moment, so very precious.”

Thanusha T.

“My experience of having you at the time of labour has given me confidence and strength through your pain
relieving techniques and encouraging words that I can do this without any drugs, which was very important for me. Not only that you were so patient and caring and gave me a wonderful memory that I’ll always cherish when I think of my second daughter’s birth. Only regret that I have is not discovering you before I had my first daughter.

Thank-you very much!”