Natalia B.

“Thanks for the photos! I loved them! Such great memories! Thanks for supporting our family again, for coming all the way from Toronto and making it work!

Your suggestions and information given before labour were great, and your presence during labour really helped me focus.

I hope to see you again! Maybe baby #3 in a couple of years? Who knows…. Now it’s time to keep adjusting to our life as a family of 4!”


“Marj has been supporting my family in our sleep journey in person, by phone and by text, and it has been incredibly helpful. She is super knowledgeable but also gets into the trenches with me when it comes to troubleshooting in our individual case. Marj is both reassuring and strong when it comes to implementing the strategies, encouraging us even when we’re ready to give up. I wish I’d had her as a doula too!”


“Words cannot fully express our gratitude for Marj. Her warm, healing energy, knowledge of hypnobirthing, breathwork, and various anxiety and pain- relieving techniques, and her extensive experience coalesced to guide us in the most magical birthing experience (at home, in our 700 sq ft condo). We are forever grateful for her presence on Gwendolyn’s birthing day ❤️.”


“Thanks so much Marj!!! 😊 There are no words for how happy we are. The girls are doing great too. So much love for them 💕 this has been the best thing in my life and the last couple days have been magical 💫 Chels and I were reflecting and your presence during the birth was so valuable and we could not have imagined it without you! The breath work and coaching was so on point ✅ thank you for all your support… Truly thank you, we are eternally grateful 🙏”

Oksana M.

“Absolutely, yes! The fact that we could get some interrupted sleep at night and feel safe with leaving our babies with the doula.”

Grant & Laura

Laura found your presence alone to give the confidence she needed throughout the birth.
Your voice & encouragement were grounding. You were patient and able to attend to her needs before she even knew she needed them.

Grant found the most useful parts to be the support, knowledge & composure Marj brought
to the whole experience. From the first two meetings to discussing the birth plan, postpartum and pain management skills, to the actual birth & everything that came with it. She helped Grant remain calm, confident & most of all, supported through it all – never felt alone with her there.

Thanks Marj, we love you!

Emily D.

“Thank you for all your support + kindness during Harvey’s birth. We really enjoyed having you a part of our experience.”


“After booking meetings with four doulas! We liked you very much in our first meeting because of the following:
·         You listened and cared for Cindy.
·         You were down to the point
·         You gave natural birth
·         You listen more than you talk
·         Answered all questions easily, and seriously
·         *** Understood pain management and have many techniques to help pain
After we discussed about who to choose, we could not ignore the fact that you could help Cindy with the pain.  With all your techniques, aroma, and massage it was very comforting to know. Other Doulas could not do this, or promise this.
I am just letting you know cause we like you very much and thought it would be nice to let you know how we selected you and your business. Thx!!!”

Elif K.

“Thank you Marj. I was so lucky to meet you in Toronto. I was so lucky to be with you in my birth. You are such a kind and generous person. 🙏🙏 I was so happy when you came to visit us to say good-bye.

I will keep in touch and I will remember you as an  angel in my life. I had a very positive birth story, Marj.
I am so glad and grateful to you for that. 
🙏🙏 Thank you for who you are. 🌼  I will give your contact details to friends for sure.  I love you so much❤

K. Kalia

“Thank you for coming and holding my hand throughout labour, it meant so much. Your presence helped me stay grounded and focused. Whatever essential oil you were wearing was the only thing that helped me focus on aside from my breath. It really helped me stay focused and in the moment.  The cues like relaxing my shoulders and pressure points we had discussed 2 weeks before the birth also helped me a lot. 

I really appreciate all of your support leading up to, during, and after the birth of our baby boy.