Padsicles and Peri Bottles

This is a much more common practice now (thank goodness!). Your closest friends/family might even have their own recipes.

I highly suggest prepping a few of these and putting them in your freezer. Even if you never use all of them (but do try at least one time), then it’s not a huge loss since you have to buy pads for postpartum anyway. Here is one of my favourite preparations because it’s really simple and straightforward. Other sources also suggest frankincense, rosemary and geranium which are super healing and great for the tender skin. Prepare at your own comfort level, I am always available for any questions, too.

This is an article that was sent to me by a past client. She asked that I send this article to all of my future clients so that A) you all know that you’re not alone in the post-birth-potty-fear, B) the importance of the peri bottle and C) the warm baby wipe trick.

The hospital/midwife will normally give you a peri bottle but I can’t stress how important and wonderful they are. I would suggest getting yourself, just in case. Buy one, throw it in your bag because in this case, it is much better to be safe than sore(y). And even if the hospital/midwife does give you one, then you can have one bottle in the upstairs bathroom and one downstairs.

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